Neil (nt) wrote,

A noisy noise annoys nt

This morning about 3:00 am I awoke to a horrible racket from the street. There was screaming, laughing, jabbering from what sounded like a large group of people. I didn't go to the window, finding it much easier to lie in bed thinking grumpy, middle-aged thoughts, but L got up and told me there were a couple of hundred people on the sidewalk and spilling onto the street. That street is right in front of several nightclubs, so I'm guessing that after closing time the party just carried on outdoors. Eventually the police showed up -- a canine unit, seven cruisers and three paddy wagons -- and the crowd dispersed.

Then not long after dawn, workers started taking down a 4-story parking structure a few hundred yards away using building demolition machines.

I sometimes think I'd like to live (at least for a while) in a remote area, with no lights or traffic sounds or other signs of human habitation. Somewhere you could see the stars at night, and wake up to the sound of a meadowlark instead of a jackhammer. It might get very boring after a week or two, but still...
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