Neil (nt) wrote,

I've twigged to the usefulness of tags in LJ and ScrapBook, and have started tagging some of my posts and photos. The main trick is finding the right level of detail. For example, a tag like "work" would bring up too many entries, but an "annual review" tag would be of value (assuming you have annual reviews at work, which I don't).

Lossless Legs is hosting torrents of all the 1972 Grateful Dead shows in circulation, and I've been picking up some of the Europe '72 shows I didn't have. That tour was one of the peaks of Grateful Deadery. (Deadness? Deaditude?) I've only been snagging the second set jams, rather than entire shows (which ran 3 to 4 hours a night in those days).

I'm finally over my cold, which lasted about 10 days.
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