Neil (nt) wrote,

I just tried ordering contact lenses online for the first time. Easy to do, and about half the price my optometrist charges for the same lenses. Free shipping, too.

I had a very lazy day today. I had thought about renting a car and going out of town, but ended up sleeping in and taking it easy. It seems that at the end of the work week I need to catch up on my sleep, and sometimes it takes a few days for me to do that, because I continue to get up early (out of habit) and stay up late.

Yesterday was Canada Day, and I walked with Lorna over to Princes Island, where festivities were underway. On the way we saw a newspaper headline, "City Targets Boorish Conduct," and from then on "boorish conduct" became our catchphrase du jour. Actually, we saw few examples of such conduct. Everyone seemed in a good mood and several people wished us a happy Canada Day. We eventually tired of the crowds and walked over the pedestrian bridge across the river, then east to the Centre Street bridge and through Chinatown. We rarely take that route.

It has been very warm here, and we have had thunderstorms almost daily.

I'm currently re-reading Jack Vance's Lyonesse trilogy for the third or fourth time. It's different from most of his other work -- an epic high fantasy, with some of the elements of his earlier Dying Earth novels. It's good enough to be worth multiple readings, which is the highest recommendation I can give. Vance is still around, and turns 90 next month.
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