Neil (nt) wrote,

I went to Fish Creek Park early this morning. I hadn't been there since the big floods of last year, which supposedly caused millions of dollars worth of damage. I didn't see much evidence of that, but I was mainly hiking uphill, not along the creek. I could see the creek, though, and it was high, muddy and fast (as was the Bow River, which I saw on the way home). We've had a lot of rain the past few weeks; I hope we don't repeat last year's floods.

I saw two deer (one of them pictured above) and two coyotes. I don't think I've seen coyotes inside the city limits before. There was no time to photograph them; they loped across the trail and skulked off into the underbrush. The park is never busy, but I saw the usual array of cyclists, joggers, birdwatchers and dog-walkers.

Returning to downtown, I had some breakfast. By the time I finished and returned home, it had clouded over and was starting to rain again.
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