Neil (nt) wrote,

Victoria Day

It was a holiday today, so I slept in. In the afternoon, I went for a long walk from downtown to the Mount Royal area and back. It was a deliciously cool, humid and overcast day. Walking by the river, I noticed the luxuriant plant growth and the large number of ducklings and goslings being tended by their watchful parents. At one point, I counted 27 goslings on the river bank, with only two geese riding herd on them.

Mount Royal is an older residential area of large, expensive homes. There were quite a number of them undergoing extensive renovations. It seems that the construction boom isn't limited to new office buildings and condos.

On the way back home it started to rain lightly, and a street person who looked like a pirate (complete with eye-patch) wished me a happy Victoria Day.
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