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ongoing construction of metal trees on Stephen Ave. mall

I took this photo yesterday on the Stephen Avenue mall. I'm fascinated by the massive metal "trees" they are building. There will be ten of them when they are done.

Today, there is a movie shoot going on just down the street. There are white motorhomes, trucks and trailers parked all around that block, cables and equipment all over the sidewalk. Apparently they are filming in an old building that was converted to lofts a few years back. It isn't all that unusual to see film crews working around here, because the Canadian dollar is so much lower than the US dollar. A few weeks ago, they blocked off the Center Street bridge so a helicopter could rake it with (blank) machine gun fire for a Steven Seagal movie. A few years ago, the TV series Viper was shot here. One day they were shooting across the street from my office building, and they blew up a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I missed seeing that, unfortunately, but I did see the blackened wreck after.
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