Neil (nt) wrote,

It has been a beautiful weekend here. It feels and looks more like summer than spring. The trees and grass have finally turned green, and the sun is up until 9:00 pm. I'd be perfectly happy to have it like this all year round.

Yesterday while I was filing my pay stub, I realized I had gotten a raise. My boss hadn't said anything. It's only 4%, more a cost of living adjustment than a raise, but still nice to get.

I mentioned a while back that I was having problems with my stereo -- static through the speakers, especially while it was warming up. Today I pulled the components apart, cleaned the dust out, reconnected the speakers to a different channel, and put everything back in place. It now seems to work fine.

I've spent entirely too much time the past few days at Lostpedia, a wiki for Lost fans. It cross-references everything on the show, including theories about what it all means.

I'm glad Shane got voted off Survivor. I'd like to see Cirie and Terry get to the final two.
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