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It is quite cold here, wind chill is around -40°. Celsius or Fahrenheit, take your pick. They meet at -40°.

I'm on a 4 day weekend. Monday is a Alberta provincial holiday, Family Day.

Although I've taken several weeks off work in the past few months, I haven't gone anywhere since last July, and I'm not planning another trip until September. I really should do something before then. There's nothing like a cold spell for bringing thoughts of travel to mind.

I'm thinking of booking our next vacation online, instead of going through a travel agent. I have to think this will save money. I worry that I might end up in a foreign country without the right documentation or something, but I'm sure I can do it right with a little research. Travel agents make mistakes, too, and they don't always know much about the accommodations. I remember once we stayed overnight in Brisbane; the travel agent had booked us into a small, run-down hotel room with a view of a car park from its tiny window. We had to stay overnight again on our way back and decided to try for somewhere better. Less than two blocks away, we found a beautiful, brand new hotel. They put us in the honeymoon suite, a large, beautifully furnished room with a garden view from the picture window. It cost less than the first place, too.

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