Neil (nt) wrote,

Interesting Ask MetaFilter thread here about reducing the number of books you own. My idea is that the only books you need to keep are reference books, books you haven't read yet and books you think you will want to re-read. That's the theory; in practice probably 90% of the books I own fall into none of those categories. :-) But it takes time to de-clutter...

I think Shane (Mr. 3-Pack-A-Day) should have been voted off Survivor: Panama last night. But then I thought Cirie should have been voted off last week, and that didn't happen either. I must admit that the show will probably be more entertaining with the two of them on. If I were Shane, I think I would have tapered off the nicotine before starting Survivor. I wonder what he will be like once he detoxes? Assuming he is around that long. I'm interested in seeing how well Bruce (the karate guy on Exile Island) does. His biography is interesting, but I haven't seen enough of him to form an opinion yet. I like Misty, too. Great personality and rather attractive.
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