Neil (nt) wrote,

The power just went out here -- again. That's the fifth time in a week, the third time in 24 hours. I'm getting tired of resetting clocks. It seems to be only this building. I must ask the management what the problem is.

I rented a few DVDs on the weekend, movies that have been out for a while that I had missed when they were first released.

Secondhand Lions: A young boy is left with his two eccentric uncles for the summer. Set in Texas in the '50s. This was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Good story, well acted, funny and moving. Highly recommended.

The Reckoning: Murder mystery set in the 14th Century, involving a travelling band of actors and a priest who is running from his past. This was good, too, though not nearly as entertaining as Secondhand Lions.

Mulholland Drive: About halfway through, I started wondering how the director (David Lynch) would ever tie all the odd subplots and characters together. Unfortunately, he never did. A real train wreck of a movie.

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