Neil (nt) wrote,

This morning we went out to brunch, then did a little grocery shopping. I held the basket while L picked out what she wanted (mainly fresh fruits and vegetables).

nt:  Uhm... maybe you should leave a few things on the shelves for the other shoppers...
L:  Shush!

We walked back home through the cold morning air, then enjoyed some mandarin oranges and seedless grapes.

In the afternoon we walked around the +15 and in the Convention Centre saw a display of early 20th Century photographs of Blackfoot Indians. I tried photographing a few; most of my efforts were out of focus or had reflections, but the one to the right (of Bear Bull, originally taken by Edward S. Curtis in 1926) came out fairly well. Back home, I looked up the photographer online and found a huge portfolio of his work. I also found that I'm not the only person impressed with this particular photo! I wouldn't mind getting some prints of Curtis' work. I know the Glenbow has prints available of similar photographs...

We are going to have a quiet New Year's Eve at home. We will have some wine to toast the arrival of 2006 (neither of us really likes champagne).
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