Neil (nt) wrote,

I had a good work week. I was working on development projects for the first few days. That's what I like best, having something that will take several days to complete that I can work on without interruption. On Thursday, things got a little hectic as I was interrupted to look into one emergency, then another, then another... but I stayed cool and got them all under control.

We've been having great weather here. I think it got up to 17° C on Thursday. That's amazing for November. It's supposed to snow on the weekend, though.

I caught Harold Lloyd's Safety Last on TV the other day. I first saw the famous still photo of him hanging off a clock on the side of a building when I was a kid, but had never seen the movie. It was both funny and thrilling. My palms were sweating through the climbing scene. Coincidentally, I came across a mention of Lloyd on a music newsgroup this week. It seems he was a huge classical music buff who bought every record released and played them so loud the plaster would shake loose from the ceiling.
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