Neil (nt) wrote,

Jumping the shark [from fridayfiver]

1. Have you ever been to the ocean?
Yes, many times. I've been to the ocean on the west coast of North America (British Columbia, northern and southern California, Mexico), the east coast of North America (Florida), the Hawaiian islands (Oahu and Maui), and on the east, west and north coasts of Australia. I also crossed the Atlantic by ocean liner when I was a teenager (and went to the beach in England).

2. When is the last time you wore a swimsuit?
A couple of years ago in Waikiki. I bought a snorkel and mask and had fun swimming around and checking out the exotic fish. Then I tried hauling myself up onto a sea wall, but slipped and scraped my chest quite badly.

3. Do you respect people more for staying through difficult times or knowing when to call it quits?
It depends. There are times when it is appropriate to stay, and times when it isn't. It is difficult to know even for oneself which is right. I respect those who do the right thing, especially when it is difficult.

4. Name a TV show that made a huge splash in the beginning, but has since gone downhill.
I can't think of any. I don't watch much TV.

5. Have you ever eaten shark?
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