Neil (nt) wrote,

Random thoughts

The only TV shows I watch regularly are Lost and Survivor, but I often have the TV on during dinner, and I've gotten to like a couple of shows that are on at that time: Mythbusters and Survivorman. The latter is a Canadian show -- I don't know if it is broadcast in the USA -- in which they drop the star (Les Stroud) in the middle of nowhere for a week, with essentially nothing but a video camera. He must find food, water and shelter, all while filming himself. I didn't like it the first few times I saw it, but it has grown on me.

I was doing a little vacuuming tonight, when the vacuum cleaner started making grinding noises and emitting a burning smell. I've only had it for a few years and was never all that impressed with its performance (it's a Dirt Devil). I'm thinking a small Shop-Vac might be a good replacement, if I can get one in Canada.

I've been listening to the Jerry Garcia Band and some Beethoven symphonies (1 through 5) this weekend.

This morning I woke early and went out to breakfast. On the way, I saw an old steam locomotive chugging along the railroad tracks, puffing out a trailing cloud of white smoke as a large flock of pigeons wheeled and turned through it in the early morning sunlight.
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