Neil (nt) wrote,

  1. books:
    Who doesn't love books?
  2. computers:
    I've made my living as a programmer/analyst for almost 30 years. The personal computer and the internet have made computers a big part of my non-work life as well.
  3. firefly:
    The TV series. It's sort of a cross between science fiction and a western, which may sound odd but actually works quite well. The series was cancelled after one season, but they have made a Firefly movie, Serenity, which comes out on Friday. I'll be in the audience!
  4. hiking:
    I love to get out and see nature. It's only in the past five or ten years that I have started to hike. I wish I could go back and kick my younger self! I'd probably enjoy bicycling, too, but I don't have a bike. Hmmm...
  5. jazz:
    I have a small collection of jazz CDs: Kind of Blue, Saxophone Colossus, Blues and the Abstract Truth, etc. The usual recommendations. I like late '50s / early '60s jazz, preferably with one or more horns. I'm not so keen on piano trios and the like. I like jazz, but spend more time listening to other types of music.
  6. miles davis:
    My favourite jazz bandleader. In A Silent Way was the first Miles Davis record I bought, and is still a favourite after 35 years.
  7. panasonic fz3:
    My current camera. I like its 12x optical zoom, and it takes good pictures. I wish it had an optical viewfinder and was smaller, though.
  8. shns:
    SHN (SHorteN) files. SHN is a lossless compression format. It is used in trading live concert recordings (a hobby of mine) to reduce the size of WAV (music) files for downloading. It has been largely superseded by the FLAC format.
  9. tea:
    I actually prefer coffee, but a cup of tea can hit the spot at times.
  10. walking:
    Much like hiking, isn't it?

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