Neil (nt) wrote,

I've finished watching all the first season Lost episodes, as well as the bonus material. Interesting documentary about how they developed the script, bought a retired Lockheed L-1011 and shipped it from the Mojave Desert to Hawaii for the "crash" set, etc. Also lots of deleted scenes, bloopers and audition tapes (the actors playing Jack, Hurley and Charlie all tested for the part of Sawyer). I'm eagerly looking forward to the start of the second season on Wednesday.

I've been listening to my classical CDs the past few weeks, slowly working my way through them in chronological order. I've only gotten through 4 so far. I've been stuck on a couple of Scarlatti discs. I like his keyboard sonatas. He wrote hundreds of these short, inventive pieces while serving as music master to the Queen of Spain in the 1700s.

It was a really enjoyable weekend. Oh, and I got to have a fruit smoothie for breakfast yesterday! 'Twas delicious (and wholesome).

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