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The rain has been pouring down all weekend, so I've stayed inside most of the time. I've now watched the first 11 episodes of Lost.

A Jugo Juice place has opened not far from here, and I thought a fruit smoothie would make a wholesome, delicious breakfast. Unfortunately, when I went there this morning they were closed, and as their hours aren't posted I had no idea when they would open. So I went for a slightly less wholesome yet equally delicious breakfast of sausage, eggs, perogies & sour cream, fried potatoes, toast & jam, and coffee with lots of cream. Eventually I'll get my smoothie! (assuming my heart holds out that long)

My computer started making a strange noise the other day, like it had an angry wasp locked inside. It kept getting worse, sounding more like a Tasmanian devil than a wasp, so I investigated and found that the source was the power supply fan. I happened to have a spare fan on hand, and tonight I pulled the computer apart and replaced the bad fan.

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