Neil (nt) wrote,

I went back to Nose Hill this afternoon. Had a good long walk (and climb) but didn't discover anything new, or even cover any new areas. The park is huge and just getting there and hiking from one side to the other was about all either of us could manage today. We stopped near the peak, sat on a rock and ate mandarin oranges. As usual, we encountered few people, perhaps a dozen in all. It was a 4-hour outing, including the train ride etc.

I finished re-reading the Gormenghast trilogy last week, and haven't started reading another fiction book yet. I want to let this story sink into my subconscious first. Once I got past the first volume, there was a lot I didn't remember at all. I highly recommend the books. Hmmm, searching on the web I have just learned that Peake's original plan was to write a long series of books covering Titus Groan's entire life (the trilogy only takes him to about age 20), but he was ill for many years and died before he could complete it. However, most interestingly there is a fourth Titus Groan book, Boy in Darkness, that I had never heard of. Must get ahold of that...
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