Neil (nt) wrote,

It's raining outside, and there's a thunderstorm in the distance. It has been a lovely, late summer weekend, though. Perfect weather, neither too hot nor too cool.

I went for a walk yesterday evening, and on the mall were parked ten cars -- 7 Ferraris, 2 Lamborghinis and a Maserati. I assume it was a dealer's display of some kind. Nice to see them up close, though I've never been a big fan of European sports cars.

I've used My Yahoo! as my homepage for years. I took a look at Google's homepage a while back, and while it has some nice features, for my needs Yahoo! is superior. Comparing the two made me curious about what else My Yahoo! could do, and I spent some time this weekend changing my content and layout. I'm even happier with it now.
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