Neil (nt) wrote,


My birthday was quite relaxed and enjoyable. In the evening, Lorna took me out for dinner to an Italian place. I had a salad and some kind of pasta dish, then for dessert a huge slice of heavy, dark, multi-layered chocolate cake. A piece half that size would have been more then enough. I ate the whole thing, of course.

I confess to a slight shock on seeing Happy 54th birthday on the card L gave me when I awoke this morning. Of course I know how old I am, but I don't really think of myself as that age, or feel that age. L says I don't act that age, either. That may or may not be a compliment!

It was a cloudy, cool day and it rained a little. It has been like that for the past few days. It's not very summery, but it beats the extreme heat many in North America are suffering though.
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