Neil (nt) wrote,

More about my vacation

The van conversion had an amazing amount of functionality crammed into such a little space. Kitchen with gas range and microwave, entertainment centre with TV and DVD player, bathroom with shower, lots of nooks and crannies for storage. It was a little cramped, though. I found it difficult to use the kitchen sink without banging my head on the cupboard above it. Not to mention the time I knocked the smoke detector off the ceiling with my big head. The shower was usable but a bit of a hassle, and I ended up using the campground showers after the first few days.

Gas mileage wasn't great. I used about 210 litres to drive 1,300 kilometres -- 6.2 kilometres/litre or 17.5 mpg. I drove a little under the speed limit most of the time. The posted limit is 110 kph most places in Alberta, but the high-centred van felt a little unstable at that speed. We were in no rush anyway.

Our quickie grocery shopping worked out very well. We didn't have to restock anything except bottled water and Gatorade, and there was very little to throw out at the end of the trip. We cooked and did the washing up together, and didn't have to spend much time on it. We ate very well, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Made a great chili one evening (one can of "hot" chili, plus one large jalapeno pepper diced up). Total cost for the week was about the same as for our anniversary dinner a few weeks ago.

The mosquitoes were out in full force, after our recent heavy rain and flooding. I have about a dozen red, itchy bites, even though I used DEET.

The weather was near perfect. It rained the first night, and was very hot at Writing-on-Stone (and our campsite there had no power so we couldn't use the air conditioning), but most days were sunny and warm.

When we arrived back home, the Calgary Stampede was in full swing and there was a parade of Indians in traditional dress riding on horseback past our place. My camera was packed away so I wasn't able to capture the moment.
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