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L and I went to an Easter buffet brunch at a local hotel. It's a place we used to go quite often, so that even though we hadn't been there for a few years (in the interim, it has been remodelled and renamed), our waitress remembered us quite well. It was a large and lavish buffet, with two chefs making omelettes to order and another dishing out ham. There were all kinds of salads, pastries, hot and cold breakfast and lunch items, seafood, and twenty or thirty desserts. There was someone in an Easter bunny costume handing out goodies to the many small children there.

I've come to appreciate simpler (and less expensive) fare over the years, but it is fun to go to one of these once in a while.

We are not religious, and don't celebrate the Christian holidays except in the secular sense -- exchanging gifts at Xmas and so on. I don't subscribe to any particular religion, philosophy or political party. There are some that I may feel more in tune with than others, but I don't like the idea of labelling myself: "I am a ______". To adopt a label limits oneself and governs one's behaviour in ways that may not be immediately obvious. The older I get, the odder it seems to me that some others embrace belief systems so enthusiastically.

LATER: watched Forrest Gump on TV. I hadn't seen this since it was first released, and had forgotten how good it was.

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