Neil (nt) wrote,

Task number 1 for the weekend is done! L's taxes have been calculated and two copies printed. Didn't have time for much else today, but did go out for breakfast and later went for a walk. It was a bit cold and overcast, but we saw the first gopher of the season. Plus the usual ducks and geese. Hard to avoid those damn geese. Almost trip over them in places! I took a few pics including this one of the Stephen Avenue Mall. On the left is the Glenbow Museum, on the right is the Convention Center. In the distance are the twin towers of Bankers Hall, one gold and one silver!

an early spring day on the Stephen Avenue Mall

I had a hard time finding the right music to do taxes by. Started out with some '69 Dead. A bit too intense, though a long drum section, with the two drummers burstng into a spontaneous chant in the middle, worked nicely. Later tried Mahler's 2nd Symphony -- a LOT too intense. Then some Neil Young. No, that wasn't right either. Finally turned on the radio and they were playing some Sarah Vaughn -- "Spring will be a little late this year". That worked!

Spring will be a little late this year
A little late arriving
In my lonely room over here
For you have left me
And where is our April of old
Yes you have left me
And winter continues cold
As if to say that spring will be
A little slow to start
A little slow reviving
That music it made in my heart
For time heals all things
So I needn't cling to this fear
It's merely that spring
Will be a little late this year
Yes time heals all things
So I needn't cling to this fear
It's merely that spring
Will be a little late this year

© 1943 Frank Music Corp. ASCAP

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