Neil (nt) wrote,

The past few days, I've been checking for WiFi hotspots wherever I go, to test out my PDA's wireless capabilities. So far, everywhere I've tried (including my own apartment) I have found at least one network, but only once have I found an open network. I was able to bring up Google's mini-page for handhelds, and was able to receive email, but when I tried to send email I could only send it to my Telus address (I was using Telus' SMTP server). Apparently it is common to block SMTP access, but I'm not clear on whether it is the WiFi provider or Telus that is blocking access.

It has been quite cool here, but I walked in Lindsay Park today. There were many squirrels around. People must be feeding them, because there were a few that would timidly approach as if hoping for a handout. I didn't have any food to offer, but I did have my camera and I zoomed in on this fellow.

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