Neil (nt) wrote,

There was a film crew working near here this morning. I could see them from my window, milling around in the alley behind a building a few blocks away. Later when we were out walking, we found they had moved to the sidewalk in front of that building, and we had to make a slight detour. Going around the corner, we spotted this chalk outline. I occasionally see real blood on the sidewalks here, but I have never seen a chalk outline. I wonder if they use them in actual police work, or only in the movies?

Speaking of police, I saw this disturbing story last night: Calgary's police chief Jack Beaton has used a rare legal tactic to seize a computer from a private home that was believed to have been used to operate a website critical to Beaton and his senior managers. I'm generally supportive of the police, and this website may well have been "mean-spirited" and so on, but I really don't think the police should be doing this kind of thing (they used an Anton Piller order -- sort of a 1984 version of a search warrant).

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