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I made a dumb mistake at work today. I wanted to delete a file and meant to type the Unix command rm *.lk, which means "delete without confirmation all files having extension .lk", but instead held down the shift key a fraction of a second too long and entered rm *>lk, which deleted all the files in the directory. We have offsite backups, so I can recover the directory, but I had to ask my boss to get them. It was kind of embarrassing.

Apart from that, work has been going fairly well. I've been trying to take the attitude that, yes, what I'm working on at the moment may be aggravating, boring or not going as quickly as I would like, but if I keep plugging away, I will make progress. Taking a longer view makes the work less stressful.

Here's a great source for desktop wallpaper: National Geographic Photo of the Day Archive. Know of any others?
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