Neil (nt) wrote,

I'm sitting at work, wearing a green check shirt and dark green trousers, drinking a cup of Mount Everest Blend Irish Breakfast tea.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Top o' the morning to you!

I was sorry to see Angie voted off Survivor last night. And Willard, too, for that matter. Coby redeemed himself somewhat by voting to give Angie immunity (after failing to pick her for his team in the first episode). At least, I think he voted to give her immunity... he wrote in such small letters that I couldn't be sure.

The game is starting to get interesting. The "Ken and Barbie" couple seem to be trying to use Rob and Amber's strategy, but I bet one of them gets voted off before the end. With the difference in the size of the teams, I was expecting a merge, or some kind of shake-up. Maybe next week.
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