Neil (nt) wrote,

My Friday

I woke up around 4:00 am this morning, checked my email, then went back to bed until around 8:00.

After getting up, I packed some CDs to be mailed out, then burned a set of Neil Young CDs that I had on my hard drive from earlier in the week.

Around 10:00 I took L to breakfast at the diner. We both had bacon & eggs. I was very thirsty, and had two glasses of ice water in addition to coffee.

the stairs

Around 1:30 pm we went out for a walk: up Barclay Mall to Princes Island, and over the bridge crossing Memorial Drive. There is a flight of wooden stairs to get up the hill at that point. It is quite a climb, which we like to do as a sort of test of our fitness and stamina. Usually there are a few fitness freaks running up and down the stairs who will lap us two or three times as we struggle to the top. There is a trail along the edge of the hill, and we followed that for a while before heading back. I tried getting a panoramic photo of the downtown area from the hill, but the lighting wasn't right, and I couldn't stitch the pictures together very well in Photo-Paint. It didn't help that I forgot how to put the camera into Stitch Assist mode.

On the way back we had a conversation that went something like this:
L: "We could get some cookies, and have tea and cookies. Or juice and cookies."
nt: "Or milk and cookies. Or muddy water and cookies."
L: "Or cookies, cookies and cookies."
So we did buy some chocolate macaroons, and had them with juice.

All in all, we walked about five miles today. On the way back through downtown, while waiting for a traffic light to change, we got splashed by a car, which gave me occasion to ponder the virtues of public flogging.

I had received SHN files of a Grateful Dead show (2-28-69) earlier in the week, so I had to load them onto my hard drive, unSHorteN them, burn the resulting WAV files to CD, and of course listen to them. This took a while, because my CD-RW drive tends to freeze my PC when reading files. This gets a little tedious after turning the PC off five or ten times to reboot it, in order to read one CD. I may get a new CD-ROM drive to use for reading, and keep the CD-RW for writing only.

Around 8:30 we had dinner, while watching Wall Street Week and The McLaughlin Group. I was surprised that it was still light at this time of day. I had lost track of time and thought it was probably around 5:30.

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