Neil (nt) wrote,

Our major client was doing their month end processing using a new version (major upgrade) of our software this week, so I've been involved in a lot of heavy duty problem solving. A few of the problems were due to program bugs, others due to user error. I'm glad this work week is behind me now.

After work tonight, I met L and we went to dinner at The Unicorn. We were supposed to meet our friend C, but she was sick and couldn't make it. I wasn't really in a sociable mood anyway. I like the restaurant, but it is very popular and quite noisy. Service was prompt, though, and I soon relaxed and put my workaday worries aside.

About that "where I've lived" meme that is going around: I've lived in exactly two cities, Lethbridge and Calgary, both in southern Alberta. I've travelled a bit, but have been a stick-in-the-mud about moving.
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