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The weather here has been unusually mild since I returned from vacation. Today the high was 15°C (59°F)! Of course it can't last, and the forecast is for snow and sub-zero temperatures starting tomorrow.

Toyota Scion xBWhen I was in Honolulu, on the Sunday we went to Ala Moana Beach Park. This park is more popular with the locals than with tourists, as it is some distance from the hotels on Waikiki. There were many picnics going on (one group was roasting a whole pig on a spit). We saw a number of custom choppers and hot rods cruising through the park, as well as a convoy of odd-looking, boxy little vehicles. I didn't recognize the make and model, but obviously they belonged to a car club, as they were well-cared for and tricked out with custom wheels etc. Just the other day I found out what they were -- Toyota Scion xBs. I can't say the boxy style of the xB appeals to me, but apparently it has been quite successful.

smartSpeaking of odd-looking little cars, this week I've seen a couple of the new ultra-compact two-seater smarts (they spell smart with a lower-case "s", for some reason). They are definitely eye-catching. I haven't seen such a tiny vehicle since the old 3-wheel Isetta from the 1950s.

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