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I haven't made any resolutions for 2005. I have some hopes, some worries, some plans and some tasks that should be done, but I haven't written anything down. Perhaps I should.

L makes a list of resolutions every year. This year she was having difficulty getting more than a few, so I helpfully suggested that "indulge Neil's every whim" might be a good one to add. The rest of you are certainly free to add that one as well!

I started reading Gene Wolfe's The Knight this weekend, but after 150 pages decided I wasn't enjoying it and gave up. The last book of his that I read, actually a series called Book of the Long Sun, I had to force myself to finish. I enjoyed some of his earlier work, but I was younger then and my tastes may have improved since (or deteriorated). I'm now reading R.A. Lafferty's The Fall of Rome, one of two historical novels he wrote, the other being Okla Hannali, which I have mentioned before. The great sin for any author is to bore his or her reader. Lafferty never bores.
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