Neil (nt) wrote,

The key is obvious (from fridayfiver)

1. Describe the condition of your keyboard:

My keyboard, a Northgate OmniKey 101, is dusty and has some grimy keys, but all of the keys work properly. It is old but built like a truck.

2. Can you sing, or are you always out of key?

When I was very young, I sang with the church choir. I was later told that I was badly out of key. I doubt that my singing abilities have improved much with age.

3. What keys do you carry with you?

Apartment, office, post office box.

4. What is the key to personal happiness?

Good health, love & friendship, money, "right occupation" (in the Buddhist sense of how you spend your time).

5. What gets you keyed up?

In the sense of "excited": great music, ideas, freedom & possibilities... and a few other things.

In the sense of "nervous": deadlines, public speaking, meeting strangers (though I'm much better at dealing with all of these than I once was).
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