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I wrote up a list of goals some time ago. Looking it over, some don't really seem like goals at all. Things like "Remain fit, healthy & active; keep finances going well", etc. Others seem to describe retirement: "Live in a warmer climate; have a nicer living space in beautiful, quiet natural surroundings; have more freedom and be able to spend more time with L", etc. Nothing wrong with any of that, and I would like to do all those things, but assuming I achieved all that tomorrow, THEN what would I want to do?

Is it important to have goals, or is it OK just to savour life?

Perhaps there is no right answer, and it is simply a matter of individual choice. I suspect that if I did achieve the above goals (basically, a comfortable early retirement) I would find there were all sorts of things I wanted to do. What I fear, though, is that I would stagnate...

With the way the economy has been performing lately, it is likely to remain an academic question for a while yet. :-)

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