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my foot in the snowIt snowed heavily here on Saturday -- total whiteout conditions at one point, huge snowflakes -- and I didn't leave the apartment all day. I managed to keep myself amused. I had received a few CDs during the week (Grady's first release, three Bob Dylan CDs, a live Hot Tuna show), so I had plenty to listen to. On two of the Dylan CDs (Good As I Been To You and World Gone Wrong), he covers traditional folk and blues songs with only his acoustic guitar, voice and harmonica. I really like that kind of thing, though his voice is something of an acquired taste. In the evening I watched TV with L, my usual faves Monster Garage and Great Biker Build Off.

Today we went out for brunch. I hadn't eaten much on Saturday (the Pad Thai I had on Friday seems to have been quite filling), so I was famished and made short work of a plate of steak and eggs. In the afternoon the sun came out and we went for a walk. Much of the snow had already melted by that time, but I was able to find an untrodden patch to take this picture.
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