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Charles M. Russell, The Wolves
Russell, The Wolves

I went to the Glenbow Museum this morning to view their exhibit Capturing Western Legends: Russell and Remington and the Canadian Frontier. There were paintings, drawings and bronze sculptures by Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington, as well as work by later artists who were influenced by them. I didn't know that both artists had spent quite a bit of time in southern Alberta, and that many of their paintings depict area history -- whiskey traders being arrested by the RCMP with Milk River hoodoos in the background, an Indian battle beside the Belly River near Lethbridge, Blackfoot warriors returning from a raid, and so on. I enjoy this kind of art, and it was interesting to see how it related to local history, and how the careers of these two artists had developed and influenced others.

Frederic Remington, Conjuring Back the Buffalo
Remington, Conjuring Back the Buffalo
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