Neil (nt) wrote,

Last night we went out to a local pub. I ordered fish and chips. When I tried to cut my fish, I found that it was still frozen solid in the middle! I sent it back and soon had a properly-cooked replacement. As we were finishing our meal, the owner (who we've known for years) came to our table, apologized profusely (apparently they were training a new chef), said there would be no charge for the fish, and offered to buy us both an after-dinner drink. Now, we had just been discussing something we had seen on The Thirsty Traveller. The episode had been filmed in Jamaica, and one of the drinks sampled was rum and Guinness. So we asked if we could try that (having no idea what the correct proportions would be). He brought us a mixture of 1 oz. Jamaican rum and 1.5 oz. Guinness. It was quite a nice drink, retaining the creaminess of the Guinness and the potency of the rum. Later, I did some searches on Google, but although I found Guinness used in combination with all sorts of other ingredients (champagne, Coca Cola, chambord), I could find no mention of rum and Guinness.

This morning we walked in the Inglewood Wildlands, the former site of an oil refinery which is being returned to nature, and the nearby Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Saw many magpies, a few ducks and four deer. There were a few well-equipped birdwatchers there, too.
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