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I woke up this morning dreaming that I had been caught goofing off (playing video games) by Christopher Walken, who was my boss in the dream. He launched into a Christopher Walken-type monologue while I tried to think of a clever response.

I don't even like video games!

Today I took L hiking in Nose Hill Park, a natural environment of about 2,800 acres in northwest Calgary. We hiked around an area of the park we hadn't been to before, had a picnic lunch and then played with a boomerang L had bought in Australia some years ago. That was fun, and the boomerang did come back, at least a few times, enough so that we had to duck or jump out of the way.

We found this stone circle in the park. It looks to be of fairly recent construction. It isn't a tipi ring, but I wonder if it might be a medicine wheel?

After leaving the park, we walked across John Laurie Boulevard and I glanced up just in time to see a large eagle that had been sitting on a chain link fence not more than twenty feet in front of me taking flight. He flew further down the fence to join two other eagles.

It was a hot day, and when we got back home we quenched our thirst with much iced tea.

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