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The last two days have been cool and wet here. While out for a walk on Saturday, I saw many squirrels, all of them running around frantically trying to stock up on seeds and nuts before the imminent arrival of winter -- or so it seemed. No doubt summer will return in a day or two.

That reminds me... when I was out on Friday, I saw a squirrel running with a baby squirrel in its mouth. I had never seen that before. I think it was probably relocating its nest, as there was a pile driver banging away in the direction it was running from.

Apart from walking and hanging with the squirrels, I've been reading my Jorkens book, organizing my CDs (and even listening to a few of them!), and spending time with L. We went out to breakfast this morning. The restaurant was busy and the service appallingly slow, but they left a thermos pot of coffee on our table, so all was well.

Back to work on Monday!
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