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Last night we went to the corner pub. It was about half-full of talkative people, SlamBall was showing on the TV, music was playing loudly on the low-fi sound system (it sounded like one of the speakers was shorting out). The goateed bartender/waiter was having a hard time serving everyone, but I didn't have to wait long for my fish and chips, or for a refill on my beer. Normally I would have found it too noisy, but for whatever reason last night I found it perfectly comfortable and relaxing. It probably didn't hurt that I was sitting in a comfy booth with L.

Earlier in the day we had been out for a walk, and hadn't been impressed with the dirty streets, the homeless people camped in the park, or the gang of roughhousing young men we had to cross the street to avoid. Seeing graffiti of Osama bin Laden with some kind of Arabic lettering hadn't given us warm fuzzies, either. It's a beautiful city, but it is being allowed to deteriorate in some ways. We need a homegrown Rudy Giuliani.

The Flames have lost their last two games, so the city has been quiet. I'm still seeing lots of cars with Flames flags, and people wearing the rather ugly red and black Flames hockey jerseys. It was reported widely that Arnold Schwartzenegger had called our Premier to make a bet on the outcome of this series with Santa Cruz, but it turned out that it was a hoax call placed by a local radio station.

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