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My day

The alarm went off at 4:45 for L, who was going to a breakfast meeting. I slept again until 6:00, when L left. Then I rose, goofed around on the net for a while, showered, dressed, had some breakfast and walked to work, getting a coffee on the way. At work, I had an email from my boss saying we were having a lunch meeting. Since I had already arranged to meet L for lunch, this presented a problem. I tried calling her repeatedly, but couldn't reach her until about 11:45. Meanwhile, I finished off a query screen and tested it. Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant with a buffet. We were preparing for a meeting in the afternoon with a potential client. The afternoon meeting didn't require my presence for long, so I was soon back in my office, finishing the testing of the query screen and starting a new project. After 5:00, I walked back home, picking up the mail on the way. Took L for a pub meal, then got back on the computer. I had received some CDs in the mail, so I played them and tried to extract them to my hard drive. The first one was fine, the second had problems, so I carefully cleaned it and tried extracting again. Still the problems. At some point I took a nap, then got up in time to watch Survivor. It was a rehash of previous episodes.

And that's about it. I could go into infinitely more detail... but I'm sure you'd rather I didn't!
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