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From the Mermen mailing list...

"...the last song of the night [last Thursday] was crazy. Crazy and unforgettable. They played Pull of the Moon, an often and gloriously jammed out tune, but ever like this? Toward the end of the thing -- and it must have lasted about 10 minutes or so -- Jim -- after the usual wonderful riffs and runs over the tidal surge and wave crash of Martyn and Jennifer, played his guitar like a pedal steel, laying it flat on his lap and using an oversized shot glass as a slide. After that Jim began -- while still playing and feedbacking -- to methodically de-tune the strings by twisting away at the pegs. This was mesmerizing. The sounds -- and I use the plural because as the strings got more and more out of tune the sound changed and (d)evolved -- were sort of a cross between what you might imagine if Harry Partch made an instrument for a surf band and what Pythagoras' mythical music of the spheres might sound like if it echoed off the walls of some deep canyon sea cave.

And then at the very end -- with the surge and crash of bass and drums still pulling and orbiting -- Jim pulled out a pair of what looked like wire cutters or pliers and one by one cut the guitar's strings. Holy apocalyptic prophecies of electro-amplified skee-rang-buzz-mrkgnao-wow!"

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