Neil (nt) wrote,

Monitor Setup for Dummies
I got my monitor back today. A technician called on Tuesday, after I returned it, and said that it worked fine. The problem was that one of the two cables (DVI or VGA) had to be removed, as it wouldn't work with both attached. I'm not sure I buy that explanation; the setup instructions said nothing about that, and neither did the Samsung support line when I called them. But the monitor does work correctly now.

I feel like a dummy for having sent it back rather than figuring things out on my own, but at least I'm a dummy with a 19" LCD monitor sitting on my desk. It looks great. There are some configuration options I can play with, but I will do that tomorrow.

Purple Toes
My foot is swollen and my toes have turned purple. My ankle hurts more than before. I may have overdone the walking this week. I will stay off my feet as much as possible this weekend to give the sprain time to heal.

I think Prince wrote a song about purple toes. Or was it Jimi Hendrix?

I was glad to see Saboga getting their act together. Rupert redeemed himself, after his boneheaded decision last week to build an underground shelter on the beach. I think Chapera should have voted Boston Rob off, rather than Rob C.
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