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In the future, I must remember to take my vacation time in the summer, unless I'm going somewhere. I'm getting a little stir crazy, or at least a little bored, stuck indoors.

One thing I miss living in an apartment is having a workshop. Growing up, I could always use my Dad's workbench and tools. Watching shows like Monster House and Monster Garage gets me thinking of all kinds of projects I could do.

The Firefly DVD I ordered arrived yesterday, and we've watched the first few episodes. It is as good as I remembered. It's a science-fiction series, but avoids the cliches -- no aliens, no lasers. Just interesting characters, situations and dialogue.

I've been reducing my pile of "to be listened to" CDs. Less than a dozen to go. Then there's the 20+ gigabytes of SHNs on my hard drive...

Have also been catching up on my reading. Finished a volume of Lafferty's short stories, and now I'm going to get back to The Annotated Alice, which I started a while back.

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