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Where in the world is Juan?

Last night, L took me to dinner at Juan's. We found it had moved from its small, funky storefront on 1st Street to a much larger location on 8th Avenue. The new place, while nice, has a generic restaurant atmosphere. It lacks touches like the Where in the world is Juan? bulletin board, which featured photos of people in exotic locations holding a Juan's menu in front of their faces. And Juan himself, who has been an acquaintance for 20 years or more, was nowhere to be seen. On the way out after dining, I asked our waiter whether Juan was still involved in the business. The waiter's English language skills weren't the best, so I'm still uncertain whether Juan has retired, or whether he had merely gone home early.


About a year ago, I saw an episode of a science-fiction series called Firefly on TV. I thought it was great, and was quite disappointed to learn that the series had been cancelled and that what I had seen was the last episode to be shown. Yesterday on Amazon I noticed the complete series was available on DVD, so I ordered a copy. Call it a half birthday present to myself.

Mermen attacked by Air Supply drummer!

A funny story from the Mermen mailing list. Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

"A classic rock n' roll road war story from Park City. The Merm's are having power supply problems. Jim's rack goes out, then fixed, Jen's amp then goes out. Then some big n' tall guy starts yelling at them in some kind of English accent that they suck and sound like crap (I'm paraphrasing here) and Martyn responds (through bullhorn) that he sucks and sounds like crap, too. Guy rushes stage in attempt to kick Martyn's ass. Jen sticks bullhorn with siren on, Jim has "discussion" with perp. Three security guys haul him off. Merm's learn it's the drummer of AIR SUPPLY. Yes, that's right, AIR SUPPLY. Whod'a thunk. So much for all that Lost In Love crap."

Air Supply has a drummer? Who knew?

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