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I got off the elevator to go home after work yesterday, and there was a crowd in the lobby. A camera crew was taping Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, who was giving a speech about something or other. L was waiting for me on the mezzanine level, so I had to circle around the camera crew to get to the escalator. We don't see Ralph around town much nowadays. He used to be mayor of Calgary, and before that a local TV news reporter, but now he lives in Edmonton where the legislature meets.

Last night I had vivid dreams. I was in the old bedroom I had as a teenager (I have recurring dreams about that room), and found some magazines with articles about my Uncle Bill. He had discovered a hot spring, and there were photos of him hiking around the area and relaxing in the spring. Then I found myself on top of a large balloon or globe, looking through the same magazines. That didn't seem unusual, until I started to think about how I could get down without hurting myself (the globe was several stories high). About that time I started to wake up.

I'm starting to feel much better. I was pretty much wiped out all week by whatever bug I had. I had no energy, and little interest in doing anything.

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