Neil (nt) wrote,

I wonder if the Modular Computing Core is the future of the PC? At the moment it is very expensive and perhaps a little underpowered, but the idea of having a small core device, about the size of a deck of cards, that can connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to function as a desktop computer, or slip into a shell for use as a laptop, PDA or mp3 jukebox, appeals to me.

I've been thinking of getting an iPod, but instead I may upgrade my Sony Clié to a later model that can play mp3s, and get a 256Mb memory stick. That would hold 3 or 4 CDs of high-quality mp3s. Obviously that is much less than even a 10Gb iPod would hold, but I would have a single device, smaller and faster than my current Clié, for less than an iPod would cost. And I don't really know how much use I would get out of a portable mp3 player anyway.

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