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My brother has started working on our family tree, after picking my dad's brains about family history and doing some research on the Internet. It looks like my father's father's parents came to Canada from England about 130 years ago. My father's mother may have been Scottish; don't have much info about her (she died when my dad was in his teens). My father met my mother in England during WW II. So I am mainly of English ancestry, with some Scottish thrown into the mix.

I had little contact with my grandparents. My mother's parents lived in England, my father's mother died long before I was born, and my father's father wasn't around much, for whatever reason. They've all been dead for years now, as has my mother.

It'll be interesting to see what turns up. I've already learned a few things I didn't know, like that my dad had an uncle who died in WW I. I don't know if these things weren't discussed in my family, or if I just wasn't paying attention.

It is good to live in relatively peaceful times.

In gecko news: two more eggs have hatched. The hatchlings managed to escape from the terrarium, but were found and are doing fine.

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