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This weekend seemed so short, even though it was an hour longer than usual. I made a list of things I wanted to do, and I've only crossed one item off. Still, I did a few things that weren't on the list. It was another mild autumn day, and I was outside for a while in the morning, walking along the river. It got blustery later in the day.

I've replaced the main fan in my PC, and it made things much quieter. I'll replace the fan in the power supply next; I'm doing one thing at a time so I can monitor the effect on system temperatures.

The Discovery Channel has been running some kind of Bike Week, and I've been watching The Great Biker Build-Off, as well as the usual Monster Garage and American Chopper. I find these shows endlessly fascinating. Such creativity on display. I could do without the bickering on American Chopper, though.

Back to the grind tomorrow...

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