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I've been getting into BitTorrent lately, and have been a downloading fool the past few days. Also an uploading fool, because under BitTorrent everyone shares, to reduce the load on the central server. I've transferred several gigabytes of live shows by John Coltrane, Bob Marley, Wes Montgomery and the Stooges. I wonder if my ISP has upload/download limits? I may find out the hard way.

I'm going to pull apart my PC later today and try installing quieter fans. The noise is beginning to get to me. Last weekend I tried using OCZ Ultra II thermal compound to lower the CPU temperature, but it didn't make any difference. Maybe I put too much on; I'll try doing it again with a thinner layer.

It got quite cold here yesterday. I was shivering in the evening, seated at my desk. Still no snow, though.

I see that scientists have extended the life of worms to the equivalent of a human living 500 years. I've long been intrigued by the possibilities of life extension. There is a downside, though: "...the results were achieved by the removal of the reproductive system...". Ouch.

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