Neil (nt) wrote,

Poutine is a French-Canadian "delicacy" that somehow became a subject of interest to joyofmacs. I hadn't heard of it prior to reading about it in her journal, but the other day I saw a sign advertising poutine on a downtown pizza joint, so I thought I would try it for lunch today.

Poutine is basically French fries (or freedom fries) smothered in melted cheese curds and gravy. saintgeorge has a more detailed and amusing description here.

I hadn't thought to look up the correct pronunciation, so I found myself asking for "pooh-tan". Somehow, the pizza guy understood what I wanted, even though the correct pronunciation is "pooh-teen". It took several minutes to prepare, but soon I had a plate in my hands and was headed back to my office. I peeled the cover off and took a few pics.

I didn't have any ketchup or other condiments, so I had to eat it straight. And what did it taste like? As you might expect, it tasted like melted cheese curds, gravy and french fries. I didn't find it particularly appetizing and I only finished about a third of it.

Would I try it again? Perhaps if I was in Quebec, and could get the real thing. I'm not convinced that what I got was the best example of the dish that French-Canadians love.
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